• Physical Science Systems  9th GRADE

    This course is a pre-requisite for all of the senior high science classes. Its focus is the study and evaluation of physical systems including introduction to chemistry and physics.  The course includes partial standards of journaling, scientific process and inquiry plus using the research process.  The class also includes problem solving, laboratory experiments, and practical applications along with evaluation of class management skills of resource usage, time usage, perseverance and teamwork.



    Biology 10th GRADE

    Part of this life science course will require students to design, carry out and write up their own scientific work. This course will cover basic components required by the Minnesota State Standards.



    College Biology (College Credit through Lake Superior College)

    Emphasis will be on unifying biological principles.  Topics will include the application of scientific methods to problem solve, life’s chemical basis, cell theory, cell structure & function, cellular metabolism & homeostasis, cellular reproduction, genetics & inheritance, evolution, & ecology. There will be a weekly lab component.  The course requires strong reading & writing skills.  It’s expected that an equal amount of out of class time will be spent preparing for and working on this course.



    Chemistry GRADE 11-12

    Chemistry is the branch of science dedicated to understanding the interactions of matter and energy that occur around us every day. The goal of this class is to provide a solid foundation of chemistry concepts, skills, and applications that will be of use to you in the future. It will develop your problem solving, communication, teamwork, research, and analytical thinking skills. Organizational skills, motivation, and successful completion of Algebra II strongly recommended prerequisites.



    Physics GRADE 12

    This course will include the basic concepts of physics presented in a logical sequence to maximize comprehension for the beginning student.  This course will cover basic components required by the Minnesota State Standards.  This course will include the concepts of Mechanics, Waves, Thermodynamics, Electricity, and Light.  Must be taken both first and second semester.



    General Science GRADE 11-12

    This course will meet the science requirement for students that do not take Chemistry or Physics.  State science standards will be completed for Graduation requirements.  Course must be taken two semesters. Please register for both part 1 & 2.



    Astronomy GRADE 10-12

    This one semester course provides the opportunity to develop knowledge and understanding about the solar system, galaxy, and universe in which we live. Much attention is given to an appreciation for how we have obtained this information about the universe. Students use tools of observation to learn about space and learn how other astronomers past and present have used tools available. Areas of study include: the process of science, including use of the tools used to observe the sky; stellar astronomy and how stars change over time; and planetary astronomy and how interstellar spacecraft are obtaining information about other bodies in the solar system.



    Human Anatomy and Physiology GRADE 11-12

    Focus will be placed on understanding the human body, form and function.  Beyond that, we will look at advancements in science that have led to our current understanding of the human body.  Prerequisites:  Biology and chemistry suggested.