World Languages

  • Spanish I GRADE 9-12

    This is an introduction to the Spanish language and culture.  Students learn basic vocabulary and grammatical structure with emphasis on the spoken language through activities, discussion and classroom participation.  This class must be taken both first and second semester.



    Spanish II GRADE 10-12

    This class reinforces basic concepts learned in Spanish I.  There is more extensive study of vocabulary, grammar and practice in listening, speaking, reading and writing Spanish through active classroom participation.  This class must be taken both first and second semester.  Prerequisite: Spanish I



    Spanish III GRADE 11-12

    Maintenance and reinforcement of Spanish I and II are continued with an emphasis on speaking and writing.   Speaking in the language as much as possible is a must! Must be taken both first and second semester.  College Credit is an option through Southwest MN State: SPAN 201.  Prerequisite: Spanish II



    Spanish Culture GRADE 11-12

    This class focuses on the written and speaking part of the language but with an emphasis in the Spanish culture. Students will study Spanish artists, writers and historic sites. Students who are NOT interested in taking the college credit option or are going on the Spanish trip are encouraged to take this class. This class is offered second semester only. Prerequisite: Spanish II



    Spanish Conversation GRADE 12

    This class is a continuation of all Spanish classes; however, conversation in the Spanish language is the emphasis throughout. Topics of conversation can include cultural events and/or current events today. Students will continue to do some writing and grammatical activities. This class is designated for Seniors who want or need to refresh their language skills or are considering studying a foreign language in college. It is offered second semester. Prerequisite: Spanish II