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    Posted by Dave Hansen on 4/20/2020

    Distance learning has been underway for three weeks and we continue to refine and adjust expectations for teaching and learning.  While we would love to be back in the school building working with our students face-to-face, we will continue to do our best to provide a quality education through distance learning.



    Thank you for your hard work and diligence in partnering with us to ensure students are doing their part to make distance learning work.  Most of our students are logging in, staying on track, and being successful in these unusual times of education.  Others are struggling due to a lack of structure and support provided during normal educational times.  With that in mind, we would like to share a few reminders and expectations regarding distance learning.

    • The work assigned during distance learning is required Please check parent portal to ensure your child(ren) are completing their work. 
    • Please establish a school routine for your child. Students should be up and ready to complete school work by 9 am each school day.  If possible, students should be completing their school work during regular school hours of 8:10 am – 2:55 pm. Teaches are available to answer questions and help students during those hours.  Furthermore, some teachers are offering optional “live” teaching sessions during those times, as well as scheduled tests, quizzes, or other assessments.  Teachers are experiencing difficulties with students who are struggling with their time management skills which can be compromised by late nights and sleeping in past the times scheduled for live interactive sessions and assessments. These students can fall behind and become quickly overwhelmed. Although teachers have been flexible with accommodations, please note that there are still deadlines for assignments. Students should make every effort to meet those deadlines, as they would if they were in the school itself. However, if there is an issue, students should contact their teachers if at all possible BEFORE the deadline.  Finally, having students access and complete school work in a common family area rather than the child’s bedroom is strongly encouraged.
    • Students should be logging in to Google Classroom pages for all of their classes (including Guided Study Hall) and checking their school email every week day.
    • Attendance is taken each day based off a student’s normal 2nd hour class.  Each day 2nd hour classroom teachers will post a “Are you present” type scenario, question, or task daily.  Students must respond prior to the next day’s post to be considered “in attendance” for the entire day.
    • Students who are struggling with stress and anxiety due to this pandemic may reach out to our school social work, Debbie Stang at stangd@maplelake.k12.mn.us.  She is more than willing to provide assistance to students in need.

    Please let us know if you have questions or are having difficulty with distance learning.



    As many of you have heard through the media, Minnesota was granted a waiver to allow us to cancel MCA and MTAS testing for this school year.  State testing is scheduled to resume next school year.



    Prom, originally scheduled for April 25, has been postponed indefinitely.  We will provide more updates as we are able.



    Student Council is hosting a virtual spirit week.  See the attachment for more details.



    Mid-quarter is coming up quickly on Wednesday, April 29.  Please check parent portal to see how your child(ren) is doing, and encourage your child(ren) to check their student portal as well. 



    The Maple Lake Messenger is offering ads in its Senior Graduation Edition as a way for you to honor your senior.  Please see the document attached to this email for more information.  Also, please be aware, each Class of 2020 student was sent a link via their school email to a Google Form to complete his/her “bio” for the graduation edition.  Please encourage your child to get his/hers completed if they have not already done so!



    Any student who plans to take a PSEO class online or off campus next school year (not including MLHS college classes) MUST complete the state notification form by May 30, 2020!  This is for any course throughout the entire school year!  If the form is not completed by that date, students will not be approved to take PSEO courses for next school year.  Students who plan to take PSEO courses during the 2020-2021 school year should contact Mrs. Sloneker.


    CLUB 881

    Club 881 is the best investment you can make.  Please consider donating to the Club 881 Scholarship fund.  Please see the attachment for more information.



    Attached to this email you will find information regarding ads for the Maple Lake Messenger, Spirit Week, and Club 881 information.


    Have a great rest of the month!



    Senior Edition Ad Maple Lake Messenger

    Virtual Spirit Week

    Club 881                                              



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