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The District is committed to transforming Maple Lake into an extraordinary school. It is our belief that if we strive to provide our students with the best possible technology instruction and continued use of modern technology, they will have the greatest opportunity to achieve in any endeavor they encounter after graduation from Maple Lake.


Technology Vision Statement

The Maple Lake School District, its administrators, staff, students and community will strive to use all available technology as a tool to assist the learner to reach his or her potential. As a district we will integrate technology into the learning environment by providing opportunities to staff, students and the community in the use of technology to enhance learning ability, create a more productive learning environment, and strengthen communication within our community and beyond.

At Maple Lake schools we enhance our students learning environment by implementing state of the art technology into every classroom. This includes the use of Interactive smart boards and projectors installed in almost all classrooms. Many classrooms utilize the CRS Classroom Response System remote clickers to quiz and survey students throughout their daily educational class period, this provides immediate results so the instructor may modify instruction as necessary to provide the best possible learning environment.

The Technology department supports 5 computer labs used for instruction in the most current business Microsoft Office and creative software packages encompassing Digital Photography, video production, Google Apps for Education, drafting and architectural design. A campus wide wireless network provides staff and student with immediate and continuous high speed internet access.