What should you do?


    • If you are tardy for school after 8:10 a.m.:

                Report to the General Office.

    • If you are tardy to class:

        Report to your classroom.  The office WILL NOT give tardy passes to class.

    • If you are absent:

                Parents should call the office on the day of absence

                (963-3171).  If parents do not call, bring a note from home

                when you return to school and get a make-up slip in the

                General Office.

    • If you have lost or found something:

                Bring it to or inquire at the General Office.

    • If you want to try out for one of the Athletic teams:

                See the coach or Mr. Tungseth.

    • If you wish to join a club or activity:

                See the sponsor or one of the officer's of the club.

    • If you wish to make suggestions about improving your school:

                Contact your Student Council representative or an


    • If you want to change your schedule:

                Contact the office.

    • If you wish to be placed in limited Phy Ed for reasons of health:

                Bring a request from your doctor to the nurse.

    • If you feel sick or hurt yourself during school:

                Get a pass from your teacher; check in the General Office; go

                directly to the nurse.

    • If you have a good excuse and wish to be excused from school:

                Bring a written parent approval to the office prior to the

                day you wish to be gone.  If you plan to go on a family trip,

                pick up an Extended Trip Form in the General Office at least

                one week before the trip.

    • If you have any questions about school policies or procedures:

                See Mr. Hansen

    • If your phone number or address is changed during the school year:

                Report the change to the General Office as soon as possible.

    • If you are late to the lunchroom:

                Get a pass from the supervising teacher.

    • If you need a copy of your schedule:

                You may purchase duplicate copies of your schedule for

                $.05 each in the General Office.